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bootinfoscript is a bash script which searches all hard drives attached to the computer for information related to booting and displays it in a convenient format. Its primary use is for troubleshooting booting problems.

How to use the bootinfoscript

Help text of bootinfoscript

$ ./bootinfoscript --help

Usage Boot Info Script:

  Run the script as sudoer:

    sudo ./bootinfoscript <outputfile>

  or if your operating system does not use sudo:

    su -
    ./bootinfoscript <outputfile>

  When running the script, without specifying an output file, all the output
  is written to the file "RESULTS.txt" in the same folder as the script.

  But when run from /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, or another system folder, the file
  "RESULTS.txt" is written to the home directory of the user.

  When the file "RESULTS.txt" already exists, the results will be written to
  "RESULTS1.txt". If "RESULTS1.txt" exists, the results will be written to
  "RESULTS2.txt", ...

  To get version number, release date, last git commit and git retrieval date
  of this script, use (no root rights needed):

    ./bootinfoscript -v
    ./bootinfoscript -V
    ./bootinfoscript --version

  To get this help text, use (no root rights needed):

    ./bootinfoscript -h
    ./bootinfoscript -help
    ./bootinfoscript --help

  To automatically gzip a copy of the output file, use (root rights needed):

    ./bootinfoscript -g <outputfile>
    ./bootinfoscript --gzip <outputfile>

  To write the output to stdout instead of a file, use (root rights needed):

    ./bootinfoscript --stdout

  The last development version of Boot Info Script can be downloaded, with:
    (no root rights needed)

    ./bootinfoscript --update <filename>

  If no filename is specified, the file will be saved in the home dir as


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